Core Equipment

  • Mustang MD-AWD-150 Dynamometer

    Our dynamometer's 98 to 160 in. wheel base accomodates vehicles ranging from small cars to extended length trucks, includes an attachment for motorcycles, and can operate in both 2WD and 4WD modes. It is capable of measuring up to 2000 hp without risking damage to itself or attached vehicles. The section between the dynamometer's wheel cylinders is outfitted with removable metal grates to accomodate wireless power transfer pads and other test equipmet. The lab building is also equiped with two large, high volume fans to cool vehicles.

  • Maxima Vehicle Lift

    Our 60,000 lb capable, 4-column, fully mobile Maxima vehicle lift is capable of lifting vehicles ranging from lightweight passenger cars to full size passenger buses. Each lifting column can be configured to operate and moved independently of or in conjunction with the other columns, thus maximizing versatility and stability while lifting vehicles and has a max lift height of approximately eight feet.

  • Starline Bus Line

    Our Starline Bus Line includes three rails with 400 A continuous, one with up to 600 VDC, one with 480 VAC 3 phase, and one with 208 VAC 3 phase. The 600 VDC and 480 VAC lines can be routed to two sections of the quarter mile track that surrounds EVR lab building.

  • 54 kWh Module Lithium Battery Pack

    This battery pack produces 350 V (nominal), has 775 A continuous discharge current and is capable of over 2000 A peak discharge current. It contains five modular, removable sub-packs for maximum versatility.

  • Dynapower Grid-Tie Inverter

    Our grid-tie inverter capable of managing up to 100 kW and provides 600 VDC PV and battery pack connections as well as 480 VAC external and local grid connections. It also has MPPT (maximum power point tracking) capabilities on PV inputs. The grid-tie inverter allows the EVR to run partially or fully off-grid when desired.

  • Julabo FL20006 20kW Chiller

    Our chiller can chill sensative power-electronics and other equipment down -20 C. Its native tubing accommodations are for 1", 3/4", 1/2" tubing.