Dr. Zeljko Pantic Joins UPEL

UPEL is proud to announce that Dr. Zeljko Pantic will be joining the ECE Faculty this fall at Utah State University. Dr. Pantic completed his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at North Carolina State University, and will be working in the area of Wireless Power Transfer at UPEL. Dr. Pantic will also be teaching the Introduction to Power Electronics (ECE 5930) this fall.

Kevin Kennedy recognized as ECE Department Outstanding Pre-Professional Student

Kevin was recognized by the Electrical and Computer Engineering department as this year's Outstanding Pre-Professional Student. This award is given each year at the Pre-Professional, Junior and Senior level by a comittee which selects each student from among their top peers. Kevin is an undergraduate research student at UPEL, where he is assisting development and hardware evaluation of high performance bidirectional DC-DC power converters as part of a contract with Raytheon and the Office of Naval Research.

USU hosts Navy, Raytheon and GE for BDPC program review

The USU Power Electronics Lab (UPEL) hosted the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Compact Power Conversion Technologies (CPCT) Bi-directional Power Conversion (BDPC) Phase II final program review on 11/8/2012. In attendance were Navy program managers and reviewers and program team members from Raytheon, GE, University of Colorado and Utah State University. The review meeting included a laboratory demonstration of all program hardware and a general UPEL lab tour with student presentations and hardware demonstrations.