USU hosts Navy, Raytheon and GE for BDPC program review

The USU Power Electronics Lab (UPEL) hosted the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Compact Power Conversion Technologies (CPCT) Bi-directional Power Conversion (BDPC) Phase II final program review on 11/8/2012. In attendance were Navy program managers and reviewers and program team members from Raytheon, GE, University of Colorado and Utah State University. The review meeting included a laboratory demonstration of all program hardware and a general UPEL lab tour with student presentations and hardware demonstrations. The visit marks a major milestone for UPEL as the first official opening of the lab for a formal program visit and public tour. The day concluded with an off-site tour and demonstration of the wirelessly powered Aggie Bus hosted by Dr. Hunter Wu, Director of the Wireless Power Transfer program at USU.

The USU team, led by USTAR Professor Regan Zane, is developing advanced digital control algorithms and hardware for bi-directional resonant power converters to achieve fast dynamic response and very high efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions. USU is funded by ONR on the program on a subcontract to Raytheon.

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