Dr. David Christensen coordinates SELECT’s strategic direction, member relations, and commercialization activities in addition to facilitating research projects and membership activities among the center’s industry members and university partners. David has worked closely with SELECT’s founding director, Dr. Regan Zane, since 2012, and he began serving as the center’s executive director in May, 2016, shortly after it was established.


Prior to his position in the SELECT Center, he was a Senior Director of Development, Commercial Enterprises Research Development Director (where he helped secure funding for the USU Electric Vehicle and Roadway–EVR–test track and facility), and Research Development Director in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Over the past seven years, he has been involved in bringing more than $24M in funding to USU. David received his PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from Utah State University and enjoys teaching an Honors Connections class, an occasional professional editing class, and any time he can get outside in Utah’s mountain paradise.