Muneeb is currently working towards his Ph.D. degree at Utah State University's ECE department specializing in Power Electronics. His adviser is Dr Regan Zane who is a USTAR Professor in ECE department. Muneeb is working on design and control of bi-directional cell-level power converters for electric vehicles (For details).

Before joining USU, he completed his B.S. degree from School of Science & Engineering at LUMS where he was also involved in various research projects in power electronics, intelligent power networks, and power systems.

Muneeb won 2nd transportation systems committee paper award at ECCE 2014. He also got the best poster presentation award at Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition (APEC, 2014) in Vehicular Electronics session. He was a finalist in Microsoft Imagine Cup (2011) held at NYC, US and he has been a Microsoft Student Partner at LUMS (2012).

Updated publications list: Google scholar



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